As an instructor or teaching assistant at the University of Toronto, Georgetown University, and Colorado College, I have taught introductory and advanced courses in political philosophy, including Ancient Political Thought, Modern Political Philosophy, Elements of Political Theory, and Dictatorship and Democracy. I am particularly proud of the modern political thought course, Freedom, I designed and taught at Colorado College in 2021. In that course, students were introduced to thinkers ranging from Thomas Hobbes to James Baldwin to Wendy Brown. We began our study of the fundamental questions “what is freedom?” and “what does freedom require?” by turning to early modern social contract theorists, then considered critiques of liberalism and capitalism, and ended with an examination of the competing visions of freedom that inform the American imaginary. In the final section of the course, we read thinkers who attend to the legacies of slavery and we interrogated the role of prophetic language and the idea of redemption in American political thought and practice.

Freedom syllabus below.